When You are on Vacation, Your Pet Deserves a Stayca‚Äčtion!

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Overnight Pet Care

"When you are on vacation, your pet is on Staycation", it's only fair.  It makes no sense that you would go on vacation and your beloved pet should go to jail (kennel).  The best place for your pet is in their own home.  Your home is the environment where your fur baby is most comfortable and will experience the least anxiety.  We minimize your pet's anxiety of being away from you by keeping them active and spoiling them.  Lots of walks, hikes, beach days, and we will cook for them also per your direction as we realize many pets are on strict diets.  We also communicate regularly with you, the pet parent to limit your anxiety so you can enjoy your getaway.

Pet Adventure Tours

Mountain hiking, trail hiking, beach days and walks.  Your dogs love exercise and we stay in shape by running with them off leash and on leash.  This is done in groups to better socialize dogs.  

Private Concierge Service

Make your life easier with Uncle Scotty's Concierge Service.  My long term clients I take care of the household needs that are too tedious for my busy clients.  Example:  Loki (dog) chewed up three doors at the house in the photo to the left.  Home Depot gave client estimate of $30,000 for the custom doors.  I was able to work with a general contractor who specializes in doors and client was able to get identical doors for $3,000.  A savings of $27,000!   I will get you the best estimates and service providers for for a low monthly retainer and you can enjoy life without the minor headaches!

Pet Boarding (coming soon!)

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Concierge Services include:  

Referrals to Vendors:  Caterers, Interior Design, Pet Trainers , Fitness trainer, Home repair

Reservations and Entertainment:  Restaurants, Special Events, Movie tickets, Concerts, Theater, Tours, Sporting Events, Museums

Waiting Services:  Cable Installation or Repair, Deliveries

Travel Arangements:  Airline, rental car, hotels, destination information, tours, etc.

Information Services:  Doctors, Anniversaries, Spa, Birthdays, Golf, Appointments

Home Coordination/Arrangements:  Home organization projects, Collect Home Improvement Estimates, Landscapers, Plumber, Electrician, Cleaners

Errand Services:  Dry Cleaning, Grocery Shopping, Copies, Flower Order, Laundry, Pick Up Gifts and Decorations, Car Detail/Service , Post Office, Prescriptions, Movie Rental, Liquor Shopping

These are just examples of what Uncle Scotty's Concierge Service will do for you.  You make one call, we do the rest so you can enjoy life!